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FARAWAY is a Lebanon Travel agency located in Wadi Chahrour, Baabda with more than 10 years of experience in this Field; certificated by the Ministry of Tourism.


The most beautiful thing in the world is when you’re able to break free of that monotonous routine and go on an adventure! To Travel is To Live! We provide all the travel services required for an unforgettable experience.


Airline Tickets

We offer special prices on all airlines to any global Terminal

Holiday Packages

We guarantee the very best vacation you will spend with us in any destination you wish to visit.

Hotel Bookings

We have great deals and amazing prices you can ask for in any hotel from your choice

Travel Insurance

Protect yourself while abroad or before your travel departure and get coverage insurance

Visa Issuance

We assist in visa application to most destination when booking any of the packages with us


Book your memorable holiday by visiting several cities in one all-inclusive on board services

Business Travel

We arrange your business trip at high quality services for individuals and corporate companies

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